Enphase Commercial Solution

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Vine Fresh Produce

Microinverters power a 2.3 MW system in Ontario

Vine Fresh Produce used Enphase microinverters to build the largest rooftop array in Ontario’s Feed-in-Tariff program. Sawtooth-style greenhouse rooftops created persistent shading and a design challenge, but Enphase microinverters were the ideal solution for optimizing energy production.


  • Enphase microinverters met the challenging demands of a three-phase 2.3 MW system
  • Microinverters provided maximum production for a unique roof structure with shading
  • No single point of failure and remote monitoring help keep the large-scale commercial system operating at peak performance
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Injasuti Development Solar Farms

Depleted farmland now harvests sunshine

An unused gravel pit became a 1.1 MW solar farm powering Ontario’s agricultural future. Installer Virelec installed a dual-axis tracker system across two adjacent farms, supplementing on-site agricultural activities.


  • 2 GWh of energy production exceeded developers' expectations
  • Customers gain energy revenue from otherwise non farmable land
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Sunny Hills

Financing partner helps a nonprofit bring its solar dreams to life

Child services nonprofit Sunny Hills saw going solar as a way to devote fewer resources to energy costs and more to helping at-risk youth. But like many nonprofits, it didn’t have the extra cash for an upfront investment -- until financing partner Technology Credit Corporation (TCC) stepped in.


  • Sunny Hills' 56.3 kW system now covers 90% of its energy needs
  • Enphase partner TCC has financed more than $200 million in solar projects for a largely nonprofit customer base
  • Enphase microinverters offered quality and reliability, flexible system design, and ability to mitigate shading on multiple roofs
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Portola Valley School District

Microinverters tackle the demands of a complex, multi-roof project

What do you get when you combine two school campuses, 10 buildings, and a whole lot of redwood trees? A system design challenge only microinverters can solve. With different electrical requirements and energy needs for each building, the best solution was to install each array as its own specifically-tailored system: an option microinverters make easy.


  • Microinverters offered the design flexibility necessary for 10 buildings with multiple roof surfaces, orientations, angles and electrical requirements
  • Enphase system met California’s strict safety requirements for K-12 schools
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Bear Republic® Brewing Company

Microinverters meet energy needs of local microbrewery

Bear Republic, an award-winning Northern California beer maker that prides itself on sourcing ingredients locally, sought a rooftop system to offset its high energy bills. North State Solar Energy installed Enphase microinverters assembled in Milpitas, California, making Bear Republic’s the first installation to use our Assembled in America M250.


  • Microinverters enabled two-stage construction, with the second part of the installation delayed until a canopy was constructed
  • Enphase's Assembled in America product met customer’s goal of an all-American system
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