ENPH: Listing Day Message from Paul Nahi, CEO

The Enphase twitter account live on the side of the NASDAQ headquarters in New York


This morning our company began trading on the NASDAQ exchange under the symbol “ENPH”. This is an important milestone for Enphase Energy, but today would not have been possible without the community of installers and partners who helped launch the company and continue to support us.

When Raghu Belur and Martin Fornage started Enphase in 2006, they believed that the solar industry was ready for a fundamental technology shift. Using their background and experience from high technology companies, they created a new category of inverter, and ever since, we have been focused on working closely with our customers and partners to ensure a fantastic Enphase experience.

Thank you for helping to make Enphase what is today. This milestone is just the beginning, and we look forward to working together in the years to come. To read the full press release about our announcement, please visit our news room.

Thank you,

Paul Nahi

President & CEO, Enphase Energy

5 Responses to “ENPH: Listing Day Message from Paul Nahi, CEO”

  1. Bruce "The Photon Wrangler" Bosworth /

    Enphase has advanced the game in solar energy harvesting. Inventing the Micro-inverter system with its huge advancements has positioned solar PV(True clean renewable energy) to power our homes and cars for decades. I am so proud to be associated with a local California company that is helping me fix the problems I see facing our local community, country as well as the planet. Now lets go fix a major issue facing our generation. Mass production of true clean renewable energy is my life’s dream.
    Thank you for the “tech leg up” and all the friendly customer support.
    2012 is the year things are going to change for good…

  2. John VanLaanen /

    I happened to be at Times Square as a tourist before noon on the 30th, and first a bunch of you getting a group picture taken pointing at the sign, and then saw the sign and figured out what was going on. I wasn’t even aware you had an IPO until then. I’m also one of your newest residential customers, with a 34-panel system that just finally went live today. I wanted to walk up and congratulate you all, but to also say you had better succeed or I’ve wasted a lot of money! I chickened out then, but wanted to take the opportunity to do it now. Congratulations! And get to work!!

  3. Chris Rath /

    Think I gave someone the idea for the micro inverters way back! At a Sunwize training deal in CA in 2006 we used to install mocrozones in the controls industry and i was telling someone about this technology for the solar industry.LOL. Also I purchased a few shares, maybe I can be a dealer now?
    I see you made I thermostat that works on your net also , bet you can make a few other controls also if you wish

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