Featured Array: Brewster Community Solar Garden® Facility

Brewster Community Solar Garden®

The Brewster Community Solar Garden® facility is a 346kW solar project consisting of 1,440 Enphase highly-efficient M215 microinverters paired up with 240W solar modules from Sharp. Since the site is located on a former disposal site, the Isis racking system was implemented using precast concrete foundations. This unique project was designed, constructed and installed by My Generation Energy.

To manage this commercial site, My Generation Energy uses Enphase Enlighten®. It is a web-based system that provides detailed monitoring, alerts, analysis and also generates reports on Enphase systems. This allows for identifying and troubleshooting site issues remotely, which saves on physical site visits. This streamlines commercial site management, allowing integrators to track performance and system health.

“We’ve mastered installing the Enphase Microinverter System in residential and commercial applications. We’re excited to now bring its benefits to our Community Solar Garden® Project and other megawatt-scale projects as well,” said Luke Hinkle, President and CEO of My Generation Energy.

My Generation Energy has been installing Enphase microinverters for years. They have seen the benefits firsthand and believe that folks will be using this proven technology in the future.

About My Generation Energy
My Generation Energy is a Massachusetts-based company that provides extensive and professional solar PV development and installation services. The company is currently the largest PV provider on Cape Cod and is growing rapidly.

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