Webinar: The True Value of Microinverters for Commercial Solar


On November 7th, Greentech Media hosted a webinar led by Enphase titled “The True Value of Microinverters for Commercial Solar PV.” Nearly 400 attended to hear from Enphase Director of Field Applications Engineering Teff Reed and Product Marketing Manager Brian Overland, along with Marc Lopata, the president and principal engineer of Enphase customer, Microgrid Solar. MJ Shiao, senior analyst, solar markets at Greentech Media Research, moderated the lively discussion that talked broadly about trends in microinverters for commercial projects, explained the differences between a DC-based centralized system and AC-based microinverter systems and dove into the details of a 250kW system.

The audience was clearly engaged as dozens of questions came in and were answered online throughout the presentation, with some addressed during the live Q&A. Most of the questions concerned best practices for implementing microinverters in larger-scale systems. Also, a poll question revealed that 32 percent of audience members felt microinverters were appropriate for use in systems above 100kW, with nearly 18 percent saying microinverters should be considered for systems larger than 500kW up to 1MW.

If you missed the webinar, the recording is still available here. Enjoy!

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