The networking hub
of the Enphase System

The Enphase Envoy Communications Gateway is the networking hub connecting every module and microinverter of an Enphase system to Enlighten monitoring and management software. Get trained on Wi-Fi connectivity to a router.

Advanced Communications Technology

The Envoy uses advanced powerline communications technology to connect to each microinverter without additional wiring. System owners can check the status of their solar system using the Envoy’s LCD display, or get more detailed information through the Enlighten website.

The Envoy comes commercial-ready right out of the box with the ability to connect to 600 microinverters, and it now includes added flexibility when connecting to a router with supported Wi-Fi networking.


Download the Envoy Data Sheet.

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Watch the Wi-Fi installation video.

Envoy Features

  • Plug & Play setup
  • Installation flexibility in connecting to a router
  • Communicates over existing electrical wires
  • Enables remote troubleshooting of solar array
  • Connects up to 600 microinverters