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Convergence Energy Solar Farm (660kW)


The Convergence Energy Solar Farm is a 660kW solar project consisting of almost 2,000 Enphase Microinverters (mixture of M190′s, D380′s & M215′s) attached to solar modules from Helios Solar Works. The project also uses 99 dual axis trackers from OPEL and Degerenergie to increase the energy production by 30%, relative to fixed-tilt installations.

The project was developed and installed by Convergence Energy LLC, and it showcases a unique approach to solar project development called “Networked Solar.” In this approach, Convergence Energy installs solar on parcels of land leased to customer who are not otherwise able to go solar. This allows customers to go solar in spite of on-site challenges such as shading, permitting or interconnection limitations.

Enphase Microinverters were used in the project for their high efficiency, reliability, ease of installation and robust monitoring system.

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Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
System Size:
660kW STC
Convergence Energy

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