Enphase Installer Toolkit
Faster, more efficient installations

The Enphase Installer Toolkit mobile app gives you the tools and information you need to perform an efficient and successful installation.

Install with confidence.

Improve your installation effectiveness and save time using your mobile device to configure an Enphase System.

The Enphase Installer Toolkit app gives you the ability to:

  • Connect to Envoy - Directly connect to the Envoy Communications Gateway to quickly confirm good microinverter communications and power production.
  • Confirm a Successful Installation - View and email a system status summary report to verify the system installation is complete.
  • Build, Scan, and Sync - Pair with a Bluetooth-enabled scanner to build array layouts, scan microinverter serial numbers, and sync the information with Enlighten.

Required components:

To run the Installer Toolkit App, you will need iOS 7 or higher running on one of the following devices:

  • iPhone 4 or higher
  • iPod touch 5th generation

To build, scan and sync arrays, pair your iPhone or iPod touch with an iOS-compatible, Bluetooth HID barcode scanner.

Download the Enphase Installer Toolkit User Manual.


See a demo of the Installer Toolkit in action.


Attend a live-webinar to learn more.