Dramatically improve
installation time

Build. Scan. Sync. The Enphase Installer Toolkit is an iOS App designed to help installers easily register module placement on Enphase systems.

Dramatically improve installation times

The Installer Toolkit dramatically improves installation times. Using a Bluetooth barcode scanner and the Enphase Installer Toolkit mobile application, installers can build a virtual PV system map, scan Enphase microinverter serial numbers into the correct location and sync the map to Enlighten for faster activation.

Faster installations in three simple steps.
Build. Scan. Sync.

And now you can improve system activation time even further with the new Provision tool. The Provision tool speeds up microinverter detection time. This is especially useful in large systems or where multiple Envoys may be on the same power line.


To run the Installer Toolkit App, you will need iOS 6.1 or higher running on one of the following devices:

  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4/4S
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPod touch 5th generation
  • iPod touch 4th generation

Paired with a SocketMobile CHS7xi or SocketMobile CHS7ci scanner.

Download the Enphase Installer Toolkit User Manual.

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