Enphase M250
The world's most
advanced microinverter

Now shipping: the Enphase M250 Microinverter. Optimized for high-power solar modules, our fourth-generation technology delivers reliable, high-performing systems at a great value. Plus, with Integrated Ground (IG), the M250 Microinverter does not require a GEC, eliminating the cost and time associated with installing a copper grounding wire or WEEBs.

Enphase's fourth-generation microinverter continues our tradition of power, efficiency, and reliability advancements. Built on top of the already reliable M215 platform, the M250 has undergone an unprecedented, industry-leading one million hours of pre-launch product testing. Featuring a reduced parts count, the M250 delivers a new standard in microinverter reliability in addition to increased power and efficiency.

Easy Installation

  • Integrated Ground: Eliminates the need for a copper grounding wire or WEEB
  • Fast installation: Uses plug-and-play Engage Cable connectors

Higher Power and Peace of Mind

  • Higher power and efficiency: Pairs with modules up to 300W at 96.5% CEC efficiency
  • Precision insights: Accessible in Enlighten, the world’s leading solar monitoring platform
  • Industry-leading 25-year warranty: Provides total peace of mind