Module Compatibility


There are many things to consider when selecting a solar module to pair with an Enphase microinverter. The resources provided on this page can help ensure your selection delivers efficient and reliable performance.

The rating systems and operating behaviors of solar modules and microinverters are very different, and as a result, can cause some confusion about how to integrate the two products. Matching the nameplate power ratings may seem logical, but it could lead to underperformance, or worse, a solar array that simply doesn’t work. The resources on this page will help clarify these considerations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which racking products are compatible with Enphase?

Our microinverters are designed to attach easily to most mounting systems.

For the full list of products that have been tested for compatibility, refer to the Racking Compatibility List. The document also provides guidelines on how to check compatibility and quick tips for adapting units to fit with non-compatible mounting solutions. Racking Compatibility List »

Is my solar module compatible with Enphase?

Enphase Microinverters support a wide range of solar modules, including both mono- and poly-crystalline product types.

Compatibility primarily depends on the electrical properties that the module will produce in the field. These properties must match the input range of the microinverter.

To determine electrical compatibility, refer to the Module Compatibility Calculator. Module Compatibility Calculator »

What size solar modules work with the Enphase Microinverter Family?

A solar module that has a higher power rating than the microinverter is a a good general pairing recommendation, because the solar module’s output varies and degrades over time.

For more information on matching solar modules with microinverters, download the whitepaper. Sizing Solar Modules for Microinverters »

Module Compatibility Calculator

Check Your Module

Use the calculator to determine if your solar module will function with an Enphase microinverter. This requires specifications from the module datasheet and information about the installation location. Check for Compatibility »

Bigger is Better: Sizing Solar Modules for Microinverters

We provide an in-depth analysis on the impact of using high-power solar modules with the Enphase microinverter family.

The analysis confirms:

  • Oversized solar modules are a well-suited match for the microinverter product line.
  • Pairing solar modules correctly with microinverters can reduce the system install cost and increase ROI.

The research highlights the need to evaluate solar modules based on their expected lifetime field performance, rather than their standard nameplate rating.

Download and review this study for the analysis and implications for solar integrators and system owners.

Download the Study

“Module right-sizing” achieves the correct size ratio between the module and microinverter and is an essential consideration for solar integrators and system owners.

This study explains the performance and economic implications of different sizing ratios.

Download the Study »

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