Enphase Residential Solution

Seamlessly Integrated Components for Any Home


The Pickering Residence

The first LEED Platinum home in West Virginia

To achieve LEED Platinum certification and net-zero energy consumption, every aspect of Charles Pickering’s West Virginia home was carefully designed for optimized energy efficiency, from a geothermal heating pump to an Enphase microinverter solar array.


  • 25-year warranty gives the Pickering family peace of mind
  • M215 microinverters harvest maximum energy, covering all the home’s needs
  • Enphase system delivers over $3,700 in yearly energy savings
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Green Park Community

Solar comes standard in a 48-home California development

Developer Bischoff Homes and Leonard Roofing integrated Enphase microinverter systems into a new housing development in Grover Beach, CA, making solar a standard part of the package to attract homebuyers.


  • Seamless installation every time makes Enphase microinverters the trusted solar solution of Bischoff Homes and Leonard Roofing
  • Easy-to-use MyEnlighten software makes solar simple for new homeowners
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Iwamoto Family

The Iwamoto Family

Climate conditions put microinverters to the test

When a family in Hawaii wanted solar, they needed technology tough enough to withstand the heat, salt, and moisture of Hawaiian air. Haleakala Solar, with 35 years of experience installing solar, know Enphase microinverters rise above the pack in enduring Island conditions.


  • NEMA 6 rating sets Enphase microinverters apart
  • Haleakala uses microinverters for durability and reliability, while it has seen NEMA 3-rated central inverters rust and degrade prematurely
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The Hallwachs' Home

PPAs make solar easy and affordable

For homeowners like Kevin Hallwachs, who want solar but are daunted by the costs, Vivint’s PPA model offers an ideal solution. With no money upfront, the Hallwachs started saving money on their energy bills right away.


  • Enphase microinverters’ high performance delivers maximum bang for the buck
  • Simple, speedy installation helps Vivint streamline its process for a wide customer base
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Holliman Family

The Holliman Residence

Despite desert heat, microinverters thrive

In the scorching Arizona desert, where rooftop temperatures can reach 140F, John and Marianna Holliman count on their Enphase microinverters for reliability and consistent high performance.


  • Microinverters withstand extreme temperatures, dust and high winds
  • Enphase microinverters maintain a stable internal temperature, keeping power production constant
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