June 28, 2022

Installer spotlight: ADT Solar

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What do you get when you combine leading smart home and business security with top-quality solar service?

The answer is ADT Solar.

At the end of 2021, ADT, a trusted provider of smart home solutions, acquired SunPro Solar, one of the largest residential solar companies in the United States. The company now operates as ADT Solar and offers the best of both worlds: a fully integrated smart home experience that includes home security, automation, and energy management. Like ADT, ADT Solar is committed to delivering top-quality equipment, service, and customer support.

Today, ADT Solar designs and installs residential solar systems in 23 states. In 2021, it was ranked the No. 2 Top Residential Solar Installer by Solar Power World magazine, and installed more than 200 megawatts of new solar capacity installed last year.

Brian Lynch from ADT Solar

“This means that every month, a couple thousand customers take control of their energy future with ADT Solar,” Brian Lynch, ADT Solar’s Senior Vice President of Sales, recently told Enphase.

A solar company you can trust

ADT has been helping protect people for 147 years and currently serves more than six million customers. In recent years, the company has evolved its service and products to create a connected, protected and now, a solar-powered customer experience.

“ADT Solar bridges the gap for customers who are already familiar with ADT’s home security reputation,” said Lynch.

“Customers want a reliable company to help them go solar and ADT Solar is a partner they trust.” ADT Solar strives to honor its customers’ trust by delivering reliable, long-lasting systems and offering a unique 25-year power performance guarantee.

In addition to serving customers and improving the environment, ADT Security and ADT Solar is dedicated to improving communities across the nation in partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Together they are helping to build smart, safe, and sustainable homes with a mission of Powering Homes. Empowering People.

Delivering peace of mind

As wildfires, hurricanes, and other natural disasters increasingly cause extended power outages, reliable access to electricity is rapidly becoming a critical component of home security. ADT Solar aims to install high-quality solar and battery energy storage systems that help homeowners stay protected and in control of their homes.

Installers working on roof

“My favorite installed system is the one that goes online as we are talking right now, because it is the exact moment that the homeowner takes control of their energy,” Lynch said. “People love seeing their system turn on for the first time because they can really see how it’s a true investment in their home security and their family’s future.”

Home energy security with Enphase microinverters

ADT Solar began installing Enphase products more than a decade ago, in part due to Enphase’s continued commitment to innovation and product reliability and safety. For ADT Solar, Enphase microinverters make installations easier, faster, and safer while enabling greater design flexibility to maximize usable rooftop space and energy production. The Enphase Installer App also enables remote monitoring and issue identification, which minimizes the cost of truck rollouts. Plus, Enphase’s customer service is extremely responsive and helpful in addressing and resolving problems for ADT Solar.

“Enphase offers a great end-to-end experience for both us and our customers,” said Lynch.

ADT Solar recently announced that it would exclusively offer Enphase IQ8 Microinverters as part of its comprehensive home energy solution. Enphase IQ8 Microinverters are the industry’s first grid-forming inverters to enable Sunlight Backup during grid outages.

“I think this is revolutionary,” Lynch said.

“With security now innate in the solar system, homeowners can power their homes during a daytime grid outage without the need for a battery. The Enphase microinverter is truly the backbone of the solar system.”

Moving forward with Enphase

Looking ahead, Lynch is excited to continue working with Enphase to provide safe, reliable solar and battery storage systems to homeowners across the country.

“As much as our customers trust ADT to be their home solutions provider, we trust Enphase to provide reliable home energy management with solar and batteries.” he said.

“We are very much aligned with Enphase’s quality products and services. It has been a phenomenal partner to us.”

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