August 19, 2021

Encharge® Battery Wins 2021 ees Award

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Since 2014, the ees Award has highlighted electrical energy storage products advancing a sustainable future. For their 2021 awards, we’re honored they’ve chosen Enphase’s Encharge home battery.

During the award presentation, ees said, “The panel of experts was impressed by the unique, safe, and robust approach that has high relevance for global markets suffering from an instable power supply and harsh climate conditions. The multiple microinverter approach enables a high degree of modularity, creates redundancy, and leads to higher reliability.”

At Enphase, we’re constantly focused on product innovation. The Encharge home battery was introduced only a year ago, and already we’ve rolled out powerful new features such as Power Start and Load Control, and have built industry-first functionality and user experience for our customers participating in grid services programs.

The Encharge battery’s lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry is safer by design, and microinverters provide better reliability without high-power DC voltage — putting product safety first where it matters most, at home. A passive cooling system provides better performance with fewer moving parts.

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