July 28, 2021

Enphase Grid Services

Enphase Grid Services

We recently announced our first grid services program in the United States. The concept is simple — battery owners get paid for their extra energy when the grid needs it the most — but figuring out how to make the most of program participation can be a challenge for homeowners. That’s why we’ve introduced new features in the Enphase Enlighten® app that put industry-first functionality directly in the hands of homeowners and make participation simple and transparent.

The potential benefits for homeowners are immense. For example, a Massachusetts customer enrolled in the ConnectedSolutions grid services program can make up to $1000 a year by enrolling an IQ® 10 battery. That same customer in Rhode Island can earn up to $1500.

A customer starts by reviewing program terms and applying to join directly in the app — no paperwork, phone calls, or consultations needed. The homeowner sees the incentives for sharing their energy and how many times the battery can be called on to support the grid during that season. After applying, the process for completing enrollment is all managed digitally.

Once the customer joins the program, to help maximize potential earnings, the battery is automatically opted in to participate when the grid needs extra power and the battery’s reserve setting will be set to 10 percent. For homeowners who want more customization, there’s functionality to opt out of participation when the grid asks for power, and the homeowner can always adjust how much backup battery energy is reserved. Offering more energy from the battery increases potential earnings. If severe weather is in the forecast, utilities won’t call for power from the battery, and customers already have Storm Guard, which will remain active and prioritize home backup.

The app also keeps a running tally of how much money the customer earns from program participation. Utilities issue payment twice a year, but now for the first time a homeowner can see how much they’re earning in real time.

Solar and storage together create a new kind of relationship between people and power. Unlike any time in history, someone can make, use, save, trade, and own their energy. At Enphase, we develop products and features that help people make the most out of these new possibilities.

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