May 10, 2019

Getting ready for the Bay Area Solarthon with GRID Alternatives

Bay Area Solarthon

Since 2012, we’ve been partnering with GRID Alternatives — the nation’s largest nonprofit solar installer. For those of you who’ve never heard of them, they do great work helping low-income communities get a leg up through solar power. Through a combination of donations, corporate partnerships, and grants, GRID Alternatives brings affordable solar to thousands of homes each year, and helps train people in those communities for employment in the solar industry.
We’ve shared before why we are so proud to partner with GRID Alternatives: we are thrilled that our Enphase equipment contributes to helping people save over $197,000,000 in energy costs and preventing over 386,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions through 6,916 solar installations. But we wanted to bring them up again because, on May 18th, we’ll be attending the GRID Alternatives Solarthon event in Richmond, CA.

Please note: Unfortunately, Solarthon had to be cancelled due to unsuitable weather conditions. Enphase volunteers participated instead, in a single home install in Santa Rosa on May 30th 2019.

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Solarthon is a solar installation block party and fundraiser — volunteers join forces to install cost-reducing solar for a community that really needs the break. As GRID Alternatives describes it, the event includes “individual fundraisers, corporate sponsors, job trainees, community leaders and the homeowners themselves — to install solar electric systems for multiple low-income families in a single neighborhood.” It’s a fabulous way for GRID Alternatives to build up support for the work their doing, while at the same time getting the job done for a low-income community.

For the May 30th event, we’ll see Enphase volunteers team up with GRID to install solar on a low-income home in Santa Rosa. And as a corporate partner, we’re excited to see homes become equipped with Enphase microinverters.
We’re gearing up for the event now — and after, we’ll provide a recap right here to let you see firsthand what these amazing events are all about and just how special they are. So stay tuned!
And in the meantime: be sure to check out GRID Alternatives. If you are part of or know people in a low-income community that could benefit from the program, be sure to share this story.

(Blog Updated on May 23, 2019)



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