July 03, 2020

The Encharge™ Storage System — Better for Customers and Your Business

The Encharge™ storage system— part of our new Ensemble™ energy management technology — has been wowing partner installers since its release. But it is not just the technology that makes our solar battery so great, it’s that it improves your business by minimizing service costs through proven reliability and powerful warranties. Not only is Encharge storage system built to last, it is backed by an industry-leading warranty, making it the better choice for your customers and your business. To see what we mean, we would like to share the highlights of that warranty with you.

Warranty period: 10 years

When you purchase an Enphase storage system, it is covered by a world-class warranty from Enphase. After 10 years of high-quality production and warranty service in microinverter and storage technology, we know how to detect and resolve issues quickly and easily to get your system back up and running.

Warrantied cycles: 4,000

For Encharge batteries, there is usually one cycle per day — equal to 3,650 cycles across a 10-year period. But we don’t build products for the lowest common denominator — we go above and beyond. That is why our warranty accounts for 350 additional cycles during that 10-year span, so that you can use your Encharge even more than one full cycle per day.

Guaranteed end of warranty capacity: 70%

Also known as retention capacity, we guarantee our Encharge batteries will contain — at minimum — 70% capacity after 10 years. That means that even after the warranty period, the battery would still have the capacity to perform for years to come.

Guaranteed throughput in 10 years: 2.8 MWh per kWh of rated capacity

We will spare you the complicated algebra here — what you need to know about guaranteed throughput is this- for every kWh storage capacity installed, you are warrantied to have 2800 kWh of energy to be discharged over its warranty time period at the end of your warranty, the battery should still be able to deliver enough power to ensure fully functional charge and discharge.
Lower Service Costs, Greater Customer Satisfaction
Many solar battery makers offer just a 5-year warranty, or a 10-year warranty with lesser guaranteed capacity at the end of the term. But at Enphase, we are building solar technology that lasts long into the future. And our warranties back that up. Ultimately, what that means for partner installers like you is this: Enphase reduces your service costs — from the costs of repairs through our warranty to costs of service calls with proven reliability.  And in turn, the less you hear from dissatisfied customers, the more you get positive reviews. In the end, that means the entire Ensemble energy management system — from the Encharge batteries to the entire system setup — is helping you streamline, grow, and improve your business.

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