August 31, 2022

Introducing a new way to make your home run smarter and cleaner

Bosch Home Connect

We’re announcing a new digital platform that will make it easier than ever for consumers to manage their energy costs and power their lives with their own solar energy. Enphase Energy Systems will be integrated with Home Connect, an open digital platform that allows home appliances of various brands to be managed with a single app. Home Connect is available for nine well-known home appliance brands including Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau, Neff, and Thermador.

The vision is for Enphase and Home Connect to allow customers to easily configure Home Connect enabled appliances to run during times of peak solar energy production, off-peak energy times, or when energy prices are lowest. By simply linking a Home Connect account, users could seamlessly use the Enphase App to manage their Home Connect enabled appliances for optimal efficiency. Additionally, users will be able to set up the system to run appliances on saved solar energy in home batteries during self-defined time frames.

Enphase and Home Connect plan to offer the following capabilities:

  • Customize preferred dishwasher or laundry settings

  • Customize appliance schedules to run based on time-of-day, electricity tariffs, or during peak solar production times

  • Program appliances to run once on any given day or repeat over several days

The new functionality will be available on the Enphase App in the United States and Germany starting with the integration of Home Connect enabled dishwashers. To start, users will be able to optimize their dishwashers around time-of-day energy savings. New features and more appliances will be rolled out with the platform to more countries in the coming year.

We know making sustainable lifestyle decisions and dealing with rising electricity bills are a growing concern for households. With the Enphase App, we’re putting the power in your hands.

Learn more about how Home Connect works with the Enphase App:

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