June 05, 2019

Storage and the Future of Backup Power

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When we think about the abundance of energy the sun provides during the day, it’s not always obvious why you may want to consider adding a backup battery to your solar energy system. If you fall into that camp, you’ll likely benefit from looking at some of the main reasons people choose to add Enphase Storage to their system.

But first, let’s take a refresher on our backup battery, Enphase Storage, and how backup power works.


How backup batteries work.

Your solar panels often generate more energy than you need to consume in a given hour or day. If you don’t have a backup battery, that overproduction is sent back to the utility grid. If you do have a backup battery, some of that energy is harnessed and stored inside the battery, for later usage when your solar panels aren’t producing power.

When your solar panels stop producing — whether it’s at night or due to a power outage — your home solar system can shift from drawing its power from panels to drawing from the battery, rather than being forced to draw from the utility company.


Storage is the Enphase solution for standalone backup energy. If you have or plan to get a system with Enphase microinverters, Storage may be the perfect compliment for a harmonious, self-sufficient system. Here are the top reasons we see customers choose to add storage.

1. You live in an area with frequent blackouts or the threat of blackouts.

From thunderstorms to state-imposed rolling blackouts to the threat of natural disasters, a major portion of our population experiences power outages. In the case of a blackout on a grid-tied system, your solar power may not work even during a sunny afternoon. Adding a backup battery can be a great solution to ensure your home gets the power it needs, even as everything around you is dark.

But keep in mind that even solar plus Storage is not a perfect solution for long-term blackouts — unless you’re equipped with the upcoming Ensemble™ technology to t​urn your system into a blackout-proof solar island​. But for a short-term blackout, you may find yourself happy you added Storage.

2. Your state doesn’t offer true net metering or buyback of your unused solar production.

With many states, including California, Hawaii, and Nevada, reducing their net-metering or energy buyback programs, many solar-equipped homeowners find their solar energy has become a use-it-or-lose-it scenario. So, when faced with that choice, many people are beginning to choose a third option: save it for later.

Rather than losing the energy your system produces in abundance during the daytime, only to find you have to pay the utility for electricity at night, Storage may be the perfect solution to fill the gap.

3. You want to go 100% green.

Having a home solar system is a big step towards reducing our impact on the environment. But many people, realizing that they still do draw power from the grid at night, decide they want to go further to ensure any and all power they draw comes from the sun. By helping your home harness and use only sun’s energy, Enphase Storage is a second big step down the path of greening your household.

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