June 14, 2018

Track Your Home’s Energy Use With Energy Usage Monitoring

Track Your Home’s  Energy Use With Energy Usage Monitoring

Most homeowners who invest in solar are looking for one of two things: keeping energy costs down and reducing their impact on the environment. The great thing about solar is: no matter what motivates you, installing solar for your home does both of those things. 

Once you have a solar system installed, it’s pretty standard for customers to be able to see how much energy their panels are producing. For Enphase customers, you log onto MyEnlighten, and it’s easy to see how much power your system is generating at any time of day, as well as how it’s changed over the past several days, weeks, or months.

For example, here's what MyEnlighten looks like with production data only. This home has produced 70.1 kilowatt-hours of energy so far today:

But what about how much energy you’re actually using?

Getting the most out of your system shouldn’t just be about knowing how much you produce — it’s also about knowing how much you’re using, and really engaging with the full picture of your solar performance.

That’s why Enphase customers have the option to install energy consumption monitoring. It’s an added functionality that ties into your system at the electrical panel to monitor your home’s energy usage.

Once it’s installed, you’re able to unlock a whole new part of MyEnlighten: the consumption data. (Here’s a video that provides a quick overview of these features.) With this information at hand, you’re able to see how each part of your house, how each appliance, can impact the overall usage and availability of your solar power. You’ll see patterns that will help you shift your behaviors, helping you get greater utility savings and clean power efficiency.

Here's what MyEnlighten looks like when you have energy usage monitoring installed on your system:

The orange bars show how much energy your home has used (or "consumed"). The light orange bars show how much energy came from your home's solar panels, and the dark orange bars show how much was pulled from the grid (as in, the energy that you will be charged for by the utility). The blue bars show how much energy your system has made (or "produced"). The light blue bars show the total amount produced, and the dark blue bars show how much surplus energy was sent back to the grid. If you qualify for NEM (or net energy metering), the utility will give you credits for this surplus energy.

How does it work?

Energy usage monitoring can be added to a new system that's just being installed or it can be added to older systems. It requires the installation of a few hardware components called Consumption Meters or Consumption CTs, right within your electrical panel, which your solar installer or electrician can help install. Once the meters are running, you'll have access to real-time energy usage reporting in MyEnlighten.

At Enphase, energy usage monitoring is one of the many ways we’re working to help empower you to make the most of your home energy solution. So, whether you want to fully understand your energy usage to improve your home's energy efficiency, or to help you understand the charges on your electrical bill, consider adding energy usage monitoring to your system.

How to get it.

Want to get energy usage monitoring? Contact your installer today, or find an installer using the Enphase Installer Network.

If your installer has questions about energy usage monitoring (a.k.a. Consumption Monitoring), we’ve put together some installer materials about these features here, which you can pass along to them.

How to calculate your energy usage if you don't have consumption monitoring.

Installation of consumption monitoring equipment depends on the configuration of your home's electrical panel. In some cases, consumption monitoring might not be compatible with your system. In this case, you can still calculate how much energy your system is consuming using some calculations based on your electric bill.

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