September 14, 2020

Brace yourself for the storm with Storm Guard™ technology

Storm Guard Technology

High-intensity storms such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and blizzards are not new. Neither are the grid failures that often accompany such catastrophic weather events. However, both the severity and frequency of these natural disasters are on the rise – and many Americans are facing grid outages either due to natural disasters or as a precaution to them. As a result, a growing number of Americans are turning to backup power during severe weather to keep their homes running.

Historically, backup power has come from gasoline- or diesel-powered generators. But this approach to backup power has several limitations:

  • Generators often require manual switching to turn them on, creating issues if you are away from home or sleeping during an outage

  • Generators emit poisonous carbon monoxide and other harmful toxins during operation

  • Operation can be loud, causing a disturbance to you and your neighbors

To overcome these limitations, there is a growing movement to use the combination of solar for the home coupled with battery storage. During the day, the electricity you need comes from your rooftop solar system. And at night, you can power your home with the electricity from your battery energy storage.

This approach is much simpler and more hands-off than using a traditional backup generator. Instead of running to the gas station before a storm to prepare for an outage, you can now stay at home with the peace of mind that you will have backup power.

What is the best backup source for a power outage?

Thankfully, Enphase has removed the guesswork and heavy lifting, allowing you to put your all-in-one solar plus storage system on autopilot. With our Storm Guard feature, your Ensemble system will prepare itself for a possible outage – no matter what mother nature brings.

How Storm Guard™ ensures more reliable backup power for the home?

Every Enphase all-in-one Ensemble system is protected by Storm Guard, an included feature that prepares your home for a potential grid outage. When the Storm Guard feature is enabled in your Enlighten mobile app, your system will automatically prioritize the storage of energy when a severe storm is detected that has the potential to leave you without power.

It is as if your storage unit is on autopilot. When the grid goes down during a storm, the Storm Guard feature will have already prepared your home to function on its own.

This is all made possible with our Ensemble™ energy management technology, which intelligently manages your solar panels, energy storage, and microinverters to ensure your all-in-one smart energy system generates the most power possible.

Enjoy the ultimate in all-weather protection

If you want reliable backup power for your home – even when the rest of the community goes dark – Ensemble technology with the built-in Storm Guard feature will give you the best chance for home energy security. Don’t get left out in the storm.

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