May 10, 2022

Installer spotlight: Ipsun Solar

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Community is engrained in everything that Virginia-based installer Ipsun Solar does – even in its name.

The word “Ipsun” is Latin for “your own,” which is a nod to Ipsun Solar’s mission to provide solutions to climate change, create energy resiliency, and make lasting impacts on communities by making solar accessible for all.

“This goal is core to every decision that we make,” stated Co-Founder and COO Joe Marhamati in a recent conversation with Enphase. “That is our purpose as a company.”

Founded in 2016 by Marhamati and fellow renewable energy industry veteran Herve Billiet, Ipsun Solar is a full EPC of solar and battery solutions for residential and commercial customers in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. In less than six years, Ipsun Solar has served more than 900 customers and has earned a glowing local reputation for delivering high quality, lasting, and beautiful systems. Customers rave online about the Ipsun Solar team’s efficient, seamless process, professional and responsive communication, and meticulous attention to detail.

A true community member

True to its mission, Ipsun Solar supports its communities by offering accessible solar financing options and engaging in industry collaboration to promote widespread access to high-quality solar. It partners with Clean Energy Credit Union, a renewable energy financing nonprofit, to offer customers affordable loan rates for solar projects.

The installer is also an active member of Amicus Solar Cooperative, where more than 60 member companies share best practices and leverage each other’s staff and expertise to provide superior service and promote solar across North America.

To top it off, Ipsun Solar is a certified B Corporation, which means that its business practices meet rigorous standards for social and environmental performance.

Partners in quality and innovation

As a values-driven company, Ipsun Solar chooses its partners carefully to support its core principles and mission. From the start, Enphase’s advanced microinverters stood out to the installer as an opportunity to provide their customers with safe and reliable long-term solar and energy storage solutions.

“The more we looked into Enphase products, the more we realized how great they were,” commented Marhamati.

“The distributed architecture that enables modularity and strengthens the system with no one point of failure was a key selling point for us. With the added ease of installation, was clear that we wanted to have a full Enphase solution from start to finish.”

The Ipsun Solar team is even more excited about the recent release of the Enphase IQ8™ Microinverter, the first grid-forming microinverter that provides a sunlight backup configuration that generates energy – without batteries – even during grid outages. The IQ8 also creates a customized bridge to energy storage by eliminating sizing restrictions when pairing an Enphase IQ™ Battery with IQ8-enabled solar panels.

“Customers are calling in to specifically request Enphase IQ8 systems,” Marhamati remarked. “We have already begun commissioning more than 50 IQ8 systems, and we are looking forward to seeing firsthand how they provide added energy security and flexibility for our customers.”

Making solar accessible for all

Last year, Ipsun Solar installed more than three megawatts of solar capacity, and it doesn’t look like the installer is slowing down: It currently has more than 1,300 additional projects under development. Armed with advanced Enphase® Energy Systems, Ipsun Solar is well positioned to continue working toward its mission.

As Marhamati puts it, “We love that Enphase is constantly innovating because its products help us do right by our customers – to provide the best quality systems we can and to continue to make solar accessible for everyone.”

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