July 11, 2016

Collingwood Football Club Captain chooses Enphase Solar & Storage

Collingwood Football Club Captain chooses Enphase Solar & Storage

By Olivia Smith

The Captain of Collingwood Football Club, Scott Pendlebury, has chosen Enphase for the recent installation of solar PV at his fitness facility, Progression Fitness Club (PFC) in Melbourne, Australia. The rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) system, to be expanded with the Enphase Storage System complete with the Enlighten™ software platform, will make PFC be one of Australia’s first fitness clubs to leverage the benefits solar and storage.



Located in Cremorne, PFC is part owned by Scott Pendlebury, Captain of Collingwood Football Club. The solar PV system was installed by Living Energy Solutions using Enphase Microinverters mounted to the back of Suntech One modules.

Members at the club will get a glimpse of how much solar energy has been produced throughout the day on the TV screens displaying monitoring from Enphase

Enlighten, a cloud-based platform that allows system owners to display solar generation, battery storage and consumption from any web connected device.

Spread across 450 square metres, PFC boasts a main arena with premium Iron Edge training equipment, a 3-lane IAAF certified athletics track, boxing zone, 25-bike cycle room, heated yoga loft and designer change rooms. The club runs 46 classes including high intensity interval training, strength training, cycling, boxing, yoga and pilates for its 200 members weekly.

Motivated by the impact of climate change and his passion to drive greater awareness for environmental issues, Pendlebury initiated the club’s switch to rooftop solar as a way of leading by example.

Scott Pendlebury said, “From the word go, we wanted to provide a holistic health and wellness experience. Our members are driven to live fit and clean lifestyles and that extends to the environment. Now that we have our solar monitoring live on display in our lounge, the members can see what it’s generating and feel proud that their training is environmentally friendly.”




The solar PV system provides more than 100 percent of the club’s monthly energy requirements. However, not all of the energy consumption occurs during the hours when sunlight generates solar energy. While the club will rely on grid power for morning and evening classes, the installation of a modular and scalable Enphase Storage System will bring the club closer towards its goal of being carbon-neutral.

Pendlebury added, “We’re extremely proud to be setting an example by being an early adopter for energy storage. We did our research and Enphase’s smart system was the obvious choice. When the Enphase Storage System is installed in August, the club will be energy self-sufficient while staying connected to the grid for the odd occasion when more power is needed.”

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