February 11, 2020

Enphase and CREATON are bringing beautifully integrated in-roof solar to Germany

Roof Solar

We’re excited to announce our new collaboration with CREATON that will bring beautifully integrated in-roof solar power systems to homeowners throughout Germany. By integrating rooftop solar directly into the roof, you can eliminate bulky solar racking systems and reduce the profile visibility of solar panels. The result… a perfectly seamless rooftop solar power system.

The integration doesn’t stop there. Behind each panel in a CREATON in-roof solution you’ll find an integrated Enphase IQ 7™ or IQ 7+™ microinverter that safety converts the dangerous DC power generated by the panels into standard AC power used in the rest of your home. Like every other Enphase system in Germany and around the world, these Enphase microinverters are connected to the Enphase monitoring platform so you can always keep track of your system’s performance via the Enphase Enlighten™ mobile app.

There’s just one problem with in-roof solar. It’s so sleek and integrated, you’ll have a difficult time pointing out your beautiful new solar system to your friends!

What to see more? Check out the following video to see CREATON in action and be sure to visit their website at creaton.com

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