May 31, 2011

Featured Array: Black Platinum Solar & Electric

Black Platinum Solar & Electric

Located in Glendale, Arizona, this is a prime residential system. The innovative architecture design of the home is accentuated by having the most advanced solar technology in the world.

Black Platinum Solar & Electric installed the 23.5kW PV system, which is comprised of 100 Sharp monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic modules rated at 235 Watts each. The photovoltaic modules are roof mounted in portrait layout on 14 rows, ranging from 2 modules to 16 modules per row. The solar array is tilted at 11° to 16°, per the client request, for optimal energy production.  The tilt of the array is able to handle the high winds of the area.

The system owner chose BPS&E to install Enphase because of several factors. A family member has an Enphase system with excellent power production, the length of the warranty and the strong work ethic of BPS&E.

John Black, owner of Black Platinum Solar & Electric and installer of this array, solely installs Enphase systems, nothing else. John explains his experience with Enphase in a simple sentence:

"I have been involved in many fields of work in my career, and I have never had such a excellent rapport with a manufacturer and their support team: the word 'team' definitely sums it all up... Enphase have been excellent to work with, have always been there for me and, most of all, have been patient when there was a situation I did not fully comprehend. I have nothing but high praise for the entire staff at Enphase."

Power control, conversion and monitoring is achieved via 50 D380 microinverters, which are wired for a nominal output of 240VAC, single phase. This system is projected to generate 45.544 MWh annually, approximately 100% of the home's projected annual energy consumption.

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