June 14, 2012

Featured Array: Busch Stadium

Featured Array: Busch Stadium

The Busch Stadium solar array is a 26kW small commercial system consisting of 110 M215 Microinverters matched with Schott 240W and  235W solar modules.  The Enphase Microinverter System was chosen for this project by Microgrid Solar for their multiple benefits and their ability to overcome a number of design challenges.

The solar modules are located on the roof of the Clark Street ticket booth, a solar awning over an educational kiosk  at the Ford Family Plaza in center field  and atop a concession canopy in the left centerfield bleachers. Enphase microinverter technology allows for optimization of commercial system performance resulting from a variety of challenges: shading from the 11 flapping World Series flags, varying azimuths, panel tilts of zero, ten, and 33 degrees, and varying module power capacities. With the high concentration of patrons in the area during baseball games, concerts and other events, limiting high DC voltage was a key component for safety.

Microgrid Solar is the project developer, part of Microgrid Energy, the official energy manager for Busch Stadium. This solar project has contributed to the Cardinals reducing energy consumption for the 1.2 million square foot facility by about 20 percent and power demand also by 20 percent. The overall reduction results from dozens of projects, large and small, ranging from lighting controls and lamp retrofits to steam plant and air conditioning optimization.

Installation Summary
Client: St. Louis Cardinals
Location: St. Louis, MO
System Designer and Installer: Microgrid Energy
System Size: 26kW
Modules: Schott Solar 235W & 240W
Installation: 110 M215 Microinverters

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