August 13, 2012

Featured Array, Italy: Sordevolo Wool Factory

Sordevolo Wool Factory

The Sordevolo Wool Factory is a 197kW commercial solar project consisting of 840 Enphase highly efficient M215 microinverters paired up with 235W 60-cell solar modules from V-energy. The PV site is 4,685 square feet and the array is connected in medium voltage. The estimated annual production is 227,072 kWH.

Sordevolo is a small municipality in the Province of Biella in the Italian region Piedmont, located about 37 miles northeast of Turin. This area was very well known in the past because of its large number of textile factories. Nowadays, only a few are still operational, and the Sordevolo Wool Factory is one of them.

The Sordevolo Wool Factory, which produces fabrics for some of the most popular fashion brands in the world, needed to lower electricity costs and decided to accomplish this by installing a PV array. Focusing on quality, the Enphase Microinverter System was chosen for the project. Matched with modules built and installed by V-energy, the System would provide maximum AC production for the site.

“This installation, the first one for us based on the Enphase Microinverter System, was a completely new experience. This innovative technology changes the approach, philosophy and the architecture of any PV installation. Also, using Enlighten to monitor and to maintain the system during its life is a game changer. No doubt these are changes that make the life of an installer easier. Much easier than with traditional inverters,” says Roberto Maghini, designer of the Sordevolo wool factory installation.

Patrizia Perino, owner of Sordevolo Wool Factory, commented, “To see that a big portion of our factory is now fed with solar energy is a dream come true.”

Installation Summary:
Client: Lanificio di Sordevolo S.p.A. (Sordevolo Wool Factory S.p.A.)
Location: Sordevolo (Biella)
System Designer: Studio Maghini (Turin)
Installer: V-energy (Biella)
Production: 197kW
Modules: 235W by V-energy
Installation: 840 microinverters
Installation size: 4,685 square feet
Estimated annual production: 227,072 kWH per year

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