April 30, 2013

Featured Residential Array: Saving money - The solar way

Featured Residential Array: Saving Money - The Solar Way

Homeowners across the country have been switching to solar in an effort to lower utility costs, and Kenneth Hallwachs is no exception. Having lived in the same house for several years, Kenneth was constantly looking for new ways to improve his home. Since solar first came around, Kenneth knew it was something he wanted for his home, but he felt it was always too expensive to buy. After learning about Vivint Solar and their power purchase agreement (PPA), Kenneth was finally able to install a solar array with no cost upfront and will save money the moment his solar system goes live.

“I care about savings and efficiency. I am the original owner of my home and have begun doing things around the house to save money. I have added digital lighting, attic insulation, double pane windows, a high efficiency cooler, and a new roof to my home. All I was missing was solar, and now I have it. Thank you, Vivint Solar!” said Kenneth Hallwachs.

This system consists of M215 Enphase microinverters matched with Trina Solar TSM-245W modules. Using Zep mounting hardware, Vivint technicians were able to complete the entire installation in less than a day without any complications.

Using the Enphase Microinverter System, this residential house will generate energy for 20-30 percent less of the cost, saving the homeowner funds each month.

Vivint Solar makes it easy for people to understand the value of solar power by taking customers step-by-step through the contract, targeting their specific energy needs. With Vivint, homeowners are able to track the progress and production of their array through Vivint Solar’s Facebook app.

“At Vivint Solar, we take care of everything. We monitor the system, we service the system, and we help the homeowners take care of the permits to make sure it’s as easy as possible for the customer,” said Jason Deelstra, Marketing Director at Vivint Solar. “We’ve installed so many systems, using great companies like Enphase, so we know exactly what we’re doing - taking any and all worry out of the customer’s mind.”

The simplicity of Enphase’s innovative microinverter technology has allowed Vivint to fulfill its mission to provide simple, affordable solar technology to this residential home. Vivint professionals can design arrays and make minor adjustments during installation. With a traditional inverter, the shade from the large vent in the middle of the roof could present serious production losses across the entire array. Microinverters minimize this loss of production at an individual module level, significantly increasing this array’s productivity.

Being a leading provider of simple, affordable solar solutions as well as an early adopter of the PPA model, Vivint delivers solar systems to customers throughout North America. They provide consumers with the ability to save money, choose their own power source, and protect the environment.

Enphase congratulates Vivint Solar on installing the Enphase Microinverter System!

System Summary
Client: Kenneth Hallwachs
Location: San Diego, CA
System Installer: Vivint Solar
System Size: 3.6kW
Modules: Trina Solar TSM-245W
Installation: 17 M215 Microinverters

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