June 29, 2021

How the new Enphase IQ System makes solar simpler and faster to install

Enphase IQ6+ install

Built around a fully integrated technology platform, one that optimizes solar output, storage, and energy management, the Enphase IQ System delivers a new level of simplicity from the moment the solar installation vehicle rolls up to the job site. By reducing the size and weight of the microinverters and cable accessories, we’re helping your crews carry more equipment to the roof in less time.

We called the newest generation of Enphase technology the IQ system because it’s intelligent, for homeowners and especially for installers. And we placed the letter Q in front of our new cabling accessories, because Q stands for quick.

These microinverters have been redesigned to work with power line communications so the 2-wire Q Cable can replace a 4-wire trunk cable, eliminating 50 percent of the weight. The IQ System pairs with a wider range of solar modules rated up to 400 W DC, 72-cell modules. And like previous generations of Enphase technology, the system uses the Enphase Installer Toolkit for rapid commissioning once the installation is complete.


Check out our IQ System installation video to see each step of the process in action. To get your own IQ system installed, click here to find an installer near you.


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