August 19, 2022

Installer spotlight: Ecocentro

Installer Spotlight Ecocentro

Solar is a highly emotional business for Roger Sherman. Even after ten years as managing partner of Ecocentro, a premier installer in the Southeast of Mexico, he still gets excited about every system his team installs. “I tell my clients to send me their first reduced utility bill,” he said in a recent conversation with Enphase. “And we celebrate their solar savings together. It sends tingles down my spine every time. I just love it!”

Founded in 2007, Ecocentro installs high-quality residential and commercial solar and energy storage systems across Southeast Mexico. Over the past 15 years, the company has built an impressive portfolio of more than 2,500 clients and more than 50 megawatts of installed solar capacity. As a company committed to excellence, Ecocentro is proud to be the only Enphase Platinum level installer in Southeast Mexico. Its success is founded its dedication to superior customer service, which is backed by transparent communication and high-quality equipment.

A passion for solar from the start

Roger first discovered his passion for solar as a customer himself. Originally from the U.K., he and his wife moved to the Mexican community of Puerta Aventuras in 1986. Motivated by growing electricity bills, he sought an installer for a rooftop array on his home but found the region lacking in experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

When he finally found the right provider, Roger realized he had a keen interest in the technical details of his system and its installation process. “I was one of those rare solar customers who was up on the roof with the installers,” he smiled. “It was clear that this was very exciting to me – and I wanted to learn more.” In 2012, Roger decided to purchase Ecocentro with his partner, Juan Jose Salazar, from the very man who had installed his home solar system.

Maximizing savings through optimized production

Over the last decade, Ecocentro has flourished by offering its customers exactly what Roger had wanted from his own solar provider: An expert team that delivers high-performing systems, efficient service, and an informative solar experience.

In particular, Ecocentro customers are shown how the distributed architecture enabled by Enphase microinverters results in a reliable system with superior solar production. “No one in solar wants to talk about potential failure, but I bring it up specifically because Enphase micros have such a low failure rate,” Roger asserted. “I explain to them that when a traditional string inverter fails, it’s like a single bad bulb that makes an entire string of Christmas lights go out. Enphase systems have no single point of failure – so if one micro goes down or becomes shaded, the rest of the system can continue to produce.”

Roger uses Enphase’s monitoring software to show clients how this optimized production significantly increases their return on investment. He explained, “Even if we only squeeze out an extra 5-10% of production every day, that can translate to huge savings over time!”

A shared dedication to quality

Ecocentro’s reputation as a reliable Mexican solar installer is growing: The majority of the company’s installs over the past year have come from client referrals. “We even have past clients calling us back to ask to add batteries or expand the size of their system,” Roger said. “That speaks volumes to the strong relationships that we’ve built with clients – and their trust that we will continue to deliver on what we promise.”

To Roger, a strong alignment of business philosophies is the driving force for Ecocentro’s close partnership with Enphase. He especially appreciates Enphase’s continued focus on driving technological innovation forward to create an ever-evolving industry-leading product. Internally, Enphase products help streamline and simplify his team’s installation process, “but most importantly, it helps us provide a great customer experience,” he said. “Our status as an Enphase Platinum level installer gives our clients confidence that we’ve been recognized by Enphase for our partnership, as well as the number and quality of our installs.”

Eco Centro

Go solar in Mexico

Despite Ecocentro’s rapidly expanding client list, Roger remains pragmatic about his company’s success. “We are in the right place in the right time,” he said modestly. “The reality is that solar just works here. Electricity is a regular increasing payment for the rest of your life – and it’s expensive in Mexico. Going solar unlocks big savings for the long haul and the payback period is ridiculously quick.”

He smiled and added, “It’s simply madness not to go solar here.”

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