September 29, 2022

Installer Spotlight: Renewable Resources


Renewable Resources owner Matthew Lawrence is playing the long solar game.

Since he founded the Utah-based residential solar company two years ago, Renewable Resources has received an overwhelming positive customer response that has fueled the installer’s expansive growth across the state. But Matthew’s goal isn’t to be the biggest installer in the market; instead, he wants to be a reliable partner that customers can count on for long-lasting systems and consistent customer service.

“I want to set a gold standard for my neighbors here in Utah,” he stated in a recent conversation with Enphase. “No matter if we install 10 or 1,000 systems per month; I want every single one to provide long-term value for the customer.” He added, “I never want the company to be so big that I can’t personally ensure that things are being done the right way – that every single project is moving along, and every customer’s needs are being met.”

Since transitioning from contractor to in-house installs just last December, the Renewable Resources team has installed and serviced an impressive 200 rooftop solar arrays and 50 battery storage systems. The company has also been leading in the deployment of the recently released IQ8TM Microinverter-powered energy systems with Sunlight Backup TM functionality.

Invested in Utah’s solar future

Born and raised in Utah, Matthew founded Renewable Resources to bring stable, long-term solar service to his home state. When solar first came to Utah, the state was flooded with installers hoping to capitalize on a new market. However, many that lacked industry experience quickly folded or left the market, leaving new solar owners stranded without ongoing support. Matthew quickly saw a need for a local solar company that would be there every step of the customer’s long-term solar journey, from consult and installation to lifetime maintenance and service

"People want someone that will take care of them," he said simply. "But it's hard to tell if someone who knocks on your door today will be around in a few years when you need maintenance or support. My goal is to provide people with the reassurance that we will be here to take care of them for the long haul." 

To support this ethos, Matthew built a team of local Utahns who are genuinely invested in their local communities and passionate about serving their neighbors. He credits much of the company’s growing popularity to their hard work and shared vision. “There’s no way we could have been this successful without such talented, high-capacity professionals who maintain a positive mentality and work well under pressure,” he smiled. “We all work together to offer quality solutions and reliable service in a transparent and ethical way.”

Renewable Resource’s authentic and down-to-earth approach clearly resonates with its customers, and the online reviews for the company back this up.



Pioneering Sunlight Backup in Utah

Renewable Resources has exclusively offered Enphase products since 2019. Matthew’s reasoning is straightforward: “I don’t do anything halfway. I want to give people the very best experience. Enphase products help me to do this; the products are great quality and built to last for a long time.”

He adds, “We are a happy partner of Enphase. We love implementing their new technologies and working closely with them to provide value to customers and advance the renewables sector as a whole.”

In fact, Renewable Resources worked closely with Enphase to be one of the earliest to offer the groundbreaking IQ8 Microinverter-powered energy systems with Sunlight Backup functionality in Utah. The first of its kind, Sunlight.

Backup functionality uses Enphase IQ8 Microinverters to keep essential appliances running during a grid outage without the need to install a battery. “We are really proud to pioneer this innovative new product,” Matthew said. “Customers often hate that their system goes down during a grid issue, and the Sunlight Backup function ensures continued production while the sun is shining.”

Renewable Resources Enphase System


The long game

Matthew is immensely proud of how far Renewable Resources has come in only two years. “I built this company from scratch,” he said. “It’s all from my own capital and my own two hands. There definitely have been days I wasn’t sure it was going to work – but there have been many more where I’ve been completely jumping for joy.”

He’s quick to add that he still does want to keep growing his business. With a stellar team that he can trust to deliver quality service, he’s able to keep Renewable Resources agile and responsive to both customer needs and new opportunities.

“But more important than that, I want my community to know that we are going to be around to support them for the foreseeable future,” he said. “Renewable Resources is playing the long game.”

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