June 13, 2022

Installer Spotlight: Solar Optimum

Solar Optium

Solar Optimum was founded in 2008 by President and CEO Arno Aghamalian and quickly distinguished itself as a premiere installer of solar, battery storage, and roofing for residential and commercial customers in California and Nevada.

The company adheres to a uniform and seamless end-to-end process that increases efficiency and minimizes costs for its customers. Known for his unwavering dedication to his community, Arno ensures that everyone on his team demonstrates a commitment to exceptional customer experience.

Energy Experts. Real Relationships. Honest Talk™.

Solar Optimum’s vision statement of “Energy Experts. Real Relationships. Honest Talk™” is deeply intertwined in its culture and is reflected in every single aspect of its operations.

The company’s executive management team has decades of combined experience in construction, engineering, and design, and has collectively installed more than 200 megawatts of high-quality commercial and residential solar systems. As energy industry veterans, they take pride in leveraging their expertise to not only deliver high-quality systems, but also help their customers make informed decisions about their energy future.

“Our customers entrust us with one of their most intimate possessions – their home,” commented Arno in a recent conversation with Enphase.

“It’s important to us to respect that by providing them with the best possible service, because I know that’s how I would like to be treated.”

Solar Optimum’s customers show their gratitude through a consistent stream of referrals. “We know we’ve done our job well when our customers refer us to friends, family, neighbors, and even coworkers,” said Arno.

“It’s a testament to our workmanship and our relationships with our customers when they recommend us to their loved ones.”

Beyond its core business, Solar Optimum is also actively involved in its local communities. Over the years, they have partnered with organizations like Homeboy Industries, Cross Roads Inc., and Do Good L.A to expand access to clean energy and support frontline communities. “I’m a big believer in giving back to my community,” Arno stated. “It’s why I’m in this business. Renewables are good for everyone: They’re good for the environment and create a better planet for everyone.”

“Energy Peace of Mind™” with Enphase

Solar Optimum is serious about its commitment to provide “Energy Peace of Mind™” to its customers, and it carefully selects partners that align with this ethos. “We deliver on this goal through high-quality equipment and excellent workmanship,” asserted Arno.

“Enphase has the best equipment, which in turn enables us to offer the best to our customers. It’s as simple as that.”

Arno chose to work with Enphase in 2009 because he could see how Enphase microinverters made installations easy and simple for his team while delivering long-term reliability for his customers. “I love the low failure rate of the microinverters. Our partnership with Enphase means that we can provide our customers with a cutting-edge technology and the best experience from A to Z,” he said.

In fact, one of his favorite projects is an early solar system that uses Enphase microinverters – and 15 years later, it’s still operating without issues. “Enphase has provided us with good customer service over the years. Anytime we’ve needed support, the Enphase team has always been able to step in and help us out. That says a lot about our close relationship,” commented Arno. “Luckily, we haven’t needed it much because the product is so reliable,” he added.

Award winning service

Solar Optimum’s commitment to customer service and experience has not gone unnoticed. They are the first and only U.S. solar installer to claim the title of two-time National Panasonic Installer of the Year. For both 2020 and 2021, the California-based installer was honored by Panasonic for its commitment to quality solar installations and its exemplary customer service.

And Panasonic isn’t the only one to applaud Solar Optimum’s ability to deliver on high-quality service and industry expertise. In 15 years of business, Solar Optimum has won hundreds of other awards and certifications as a platinum, elite, and master certified contractor for solar and energy storage products and services. And its customers agree: The company has earned 5-star customer ratings on Google, EnergySage, Better Business Bureau, and other online review platforms.

Solar Optimum is also an Enphase Platinum level installer, which is the highest level possible in the Enphase Installer Network (EIN). Solar installers can qualify for EIN membership in one of three tiers, as Platinum, Gold, or Silver Installers, based on meeting a range of performance qualifications including but not limited to homeowner satisfaction and the duration of their relationship with Enphase.

Committed to a long-term partnership

As an Enphase installer partner, Solar Optimum was among the first in the country to offer Enphase IQ Batteries to its customers and it is excited about the recent launch of the IQ8 Microinverter, the industry’s first grid-forming microinverter.

“We are proud to partner with a company at the forefront of our industry that still continues to innovate and improve its technology,” said Arno.

“I can really see how much Enphase cares about its customers and I’m looking forward to continuing to work closely with Enphase for a long time.”

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