AC Module adds operational flexibility for commercial project

Operational Flexibility for Commercial Project
project summary
Capitol Region Education Council
DBS Energy
Eversource Energy
New Britain, CT

270 kWh

solar system size

"With the Phono Solar Enphase Energized AC modules, we didn’t have to worry about fastening all the microinverters. It was pretty attractive."

Erik Bartone
President, DBS Energy

Why solar?

The Capitol Region Education Council enlisted DBS Energy to construct a solar system at the site of the newly built Medical Professions and Teachers Preparation (MPTP) Academy in New Britain, Connecticut. MPTP Academy would use the produced solar energy to reduce operating costs and offset utility bills.

Why Enphase?

DBS Energy chose to use an alternating current (AC) solar module with Enphase microinverters securely attached on the back of each one. This greatly simplified the installation process, reduced labor costs, and reduced the amount of equipment needed to construct the solar system.