Environmental advocacy, research, and education now powered by solar

project summary
Conservancy of Southwest Florida
Florida Solar Design Group
Florida Power & Light
Naples, FL
Conservation & Sustainability
Installation Type
solar system size
45.58 kW
annual solar energy production
77,403 kWh
Enphase microinverters
estimated lifetime production
1,800,000 kWh
estimated annual building energy load offset
~20% offset
estimated annual savings
estimated lifetime savings

“Enphase microinverters are easy to install. I don’t have to train my employees how to install the new commercial microinverters, as they’re conceptually the same workflow used for our residential microinverter installations. With Enphase, the design simplicity is there.”

Jason Szumlanski

Co-Founder and Principal Solar Director, Florida Solar Design Group

Why solar?

Based in Naples, Florida, the Conservancy of Southwest Florida was founded 60 years ago by a small group of concerned citizens who wanted to protect the beauty of their region. As a leader in its community—championing environmental advocacy, research, wildlife rehabilitation, and education—the Conservancy's important mission is to protect water, land, and wildlife in Southwest Florida. 

The organization has significant power requirements to meet the various demands of its mission, and wanted to use renewable energy to help offset its equipment loads. Producing more solar energy closely aligned with its sustainability goals. With donor support, the Conservancy was able to expand its existing solar installation by 300%, making a significant impact. 

Why Enphase?

The Florida Solar Design Group believes the number one objective for customers is reliability. As Jason Szumlanski says, “With the Enphase microinverter system, the serviceability and reliability is fantastic. There’s no single point of failure.” 

Once their investment in solar energy was made, the Conservancy of Southwest Florida wanted to minimize future problems. Rob Moher, the President and CEO of the Conservancy, confirms that “having an extensive, 25-year warranty for the microinverters gives us peace of mind. We believe having solar and using Enphase is an important part of what sustainability looks like.”