Prioritizing safety and sustainability at a Texas gas station

project summary
 Tri Gaz 5
Crandall, TX
Gas Station & Convenience Market
Installation Type
solar system size
49 kW
annual solar energy production
66,359 kWh
Enphase microinverters
estimated lifetime production
1,327,180 kWh
estimated annual environmental benefits
1,920 lbs of CO₂ offset
estimated annual building energy load offset
17% offset
estimated annual savings
estimated lifetime savings
“We’re concerned about the potential risks associated with arc faults, and ensuring the safety of our customers is our top priority. We choose Enphase microinverters to provide clients with the safest solution, and the Enphase App allows us to implement module-level monitoring. This not only addresses their safety concerns, but also enhances their overall experience by providing detailed monitoring and analysis at the individual module level.”

Ahmed Barakat

Head of Operations for C&I Solar with DynamicSLR

Why solar?

Tri Gaz 5 has been working to become a more sustainable business. Its recent solar installation—which could offset an estimated 1,920 lbs of CO₂ and is equivalent to 4,365,231 miles driven by cars, or 28,799 trees planted—is just one of the investments the company is making to be more mindful and to drive impactful decisions in their daily business practices.

Zak Kassem, the President of Tri Gaz 5, explains that “our commitment to sustainability drives us to be pioneers in our field. We take pride in being the first gas station in Texas to embrace solar energy, thereby reducing our carbon footprint.”

Why Enphase?

The company's priorities were clear from day one. As Kassem shares, Tri Gaz 5 “had full confidence in our installer to select the most reliable and safest inverter available on the market as we transition towards eco-friendly practices.”

Tri Gaz 5 found a strong partner in DynamicSLR, a premier electrical contractor committed to executing quality solar installations. Using Enphase technology, DynamicSLR provided Tri Gaz 5 with the peace of mind they were looking for. Enphase IQ8 Commercial Microinverters offered a three-phase solution, along with the proven safety and reliability the customer valued.