Enphase adds savings in office’s deep green retrofit

project summary
Caribe Federal Credit Union
New Energy
Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
solar system size
52.8 kW

“For ourselves and for our commercial clients, Enphase is more efficient, simpler, and a lower risk when managing larger systems. For commercial clients, consistency is a plus, and Enphase systems are worry free. Enphase monitoring means we can offer proactive operations and maintenance: customers don’t have to wait for their bill to see if the system is performing, and we are aware of any issues as soon as they happen.”

Vale Aldamuy
CEO and President, New Energy

Why solar?

Caribe Federal Credit Union was a pioneer in financing solar installations for homeowners in Puerto Rico. After it completed an energy efficiency retrofit of its new headquarters, it took a lesson from its members and looked to solar to further reduce energy costs. However, since the small roof already housed the air conditioning system, space was limited for solar. 

Why Enphase?

Installer New Energy chose Enphase microinverters to maximize system size while minimizing the impact of shading from the air conditioning units on the rooftop: if one panel becomes shaded during the day, the rest of the system will continue to operate at full production. The system will now offset 65% of the electricity used in the summer months, and Caribe Federal Credit Union has asked New Energy to add solar to additional offices.