Made in the shade with carport solar

Arizona Carport
project summary
Tempe Plaza
Cambio Energy
Salt River Project
Tempe, AZ

302 kW

solar system size

 “We considered string inverters, but microinverters were clearly superior for an application like this carport. With the Enphase System, we were able to avoid all complexity issues.”

Dillion Holme
President of Cambio Energy

Why solar?

Tempe Plaza, an Arizona retail and strip mall, looked to invest in solar carports to reduce operating expenses and increase property value. The system would need to be able to withstand the harsh Arizona sun, as well as be safe enough for shoppers in a high-traffic parking area. 

Why Enphase?

Installer Cambio Energy used Enphase microinverters, which perform excellently in extreme heat conditions and ensure that only safe low voltage alternating current runs through the system. Crucially for Cambio Energy, the microinverters reduced component expenses, as well as simplified and shortened the design and installation process.