Old world country club meets new world technology

project summary
Sleepy Hollow Country Club
SunUp Solar Energy
Con Edison
Scarborough, NY
solar system size
200 kW

"Enlighten allows our clients to understand their systems without being solar experts. Sleepy Hollow, for instance, just wants to know their system is working properly so they can focus their time and energy on their business.”

Doug Hertz
Principal, SunUp Solar Energy

Why solar?

Boasting a 300+ acre campus with athletic and leisure facilities, Sleepy Hollow Country Club had already implemented water conservation and other sustainability measures. Next, the country club wanted to pursue solar energy to reduce its electricity costs and further its commitment to the environment. However, it was important to Sleepy Hollow management that the solar arrays be low profile in order to preserve the property’s picturesque experience for members.  

Why Enphase?

Installer SunUp Solar Energy used Enphase microinverters to design four solar arrays that blended in with the aesthetics of Sleepy Hollow, while also maximizing energy production. While these arrays remained largely out of members’ view, the module-level monitoring allowed the Sleepy Hollow operations team to easily track each system’s health and energy production.