Powering the classroom, overcoming design challenges

project summary
Portola Valley School District
Real Goods Solar
Pacific Gas & Electric
Portola Valley, CA

265 kW

solar system size


estimated annual building energy load offset

“The unique structural requirements and multiple buildings necessitated complex design and installation solutions. Microinverters were the only way to optimize the system for the specific needs of the school. Plus we were very grateful to Enphase for the support they provided. In the end, this turned into a superior installation that exceeded the client’s expectations.”

Stu Davis
Project engineer at Real Goods Solar

Why solar?

Portola Valley School District wanted to reduce electricity costs, so it chose to install solar arrays at two of its schools. The Corte Madera and Ormondale campuses needed 10 solar systems of various sizes, each of which maximized energy production even when partially shaded by surrounding redwood trees. 

Why Enphase?

Enphase microinverters enabled installer Real Goods Solar to design systems that were optimized for energy production while also conforming to each rooftop’s unique angles and orientation. In addition to design flexibility, microinverters technology also ensures that even if one panel is shaded or dirty, the rest of the system can still produce at full capacity. Portola Valley can also track the health and performance of each solar array – down to the module level – with the Enphase Enlighten monitoring software.