Solar savings rise with morning sun

project summary
Clarendon Street Apartments
Pacific Gas & Electric
San Jose, CA
Multifamily Housing
Installation Type

"Working with Enphase made implementing a strategic Virtual Net Metering plan possible."

Chris Bennett
President, Municipal Solar Corporation

Why solar?

Clarendon Street Apartments, a low-income multifamily housing unit, was facing increasing electricity costs and a rising carbon footprint. As part of its interior, exterior, and landscaping update, Clarendon Street management wanted to add solar energy on site and implement virtual net metering to reduce tenant utility bills.

Why Enphase?

Significant shade from surrounding trees made a rooftop array impossible, so Sunetric made the decision to instead build three separate solar carports over the property’s parking areas. These carports would still be partially shaded at some points of the day, so Enphase microinverters were pivotal in ensuring maximum solar production. Enphase technology also contributed to the virtual net metering program that now enables the tenants to enjoy lower electricity bills in addition to newly shaded parking under the solar carports.