Utah travelers ride in solar style

project summary
Utah Transit Authority
Sunlight Solar System
Salt Lake City, UT
Public Sector
solar system size
270.4 kW
annual solar energy production
90,000 kWh

“We continue to choose the Enphase microinverter system for its performance, safety and monitoring software. Safety was a primary concern for this project given the amount of passengers who will have access to the stations and having the AC come off the roof instead of high voltage DC lines was key in decreasing risk.”

Marc Staker
Project manager, Sunlight Solar

Why solar?

Utah Transit Authority (UTA) was interested installing solar to reduce electricity costs for its new TRAX light rail airport line. However, due to the high foot traffic nature of the TRAX stops, safety was a top priority for each solar system. 

Why Enphase?

A 67.6 kilowatt system was installed on four UTA TRAX light rail platforms; each rooftop array generates enough to power all functions of the stop, including lighting, ticket machines, and electrical outlets. Installer Sunlight Solar chose Enphase microinverters to not only maximize solar production, but also ensure passenger safety. The Enlighten monitoring platform is displayed on outdoor monitors at each stop, so that passengers can view and track system production.