November 10, 2022

Outlet types and EV charging

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Plug-in chargers can be the easiest type of station to install. Many electric vehicle (EV) drivers already have an outlet they can use in their garage. Residential 240-volt (V) plugs, sometimes called dryer outlets, are higher powered and can charge your car quicker than standard 120V outlets. Plug-in charging stations that use a 240V outlet are also specifically designed for occasional relocation, like during a road trip or moving from home to home. Residential 120V plugs, sometimes called household outlets, offer much slower charging but work in a pinch. 

Match your outlet with your plug type

You might be surprised to learn there is no universal standard design for 240V plugs (similar to any home appliance). Depending on the outlet you already have in your garage or you’re planning on having installed, Enphase offers a variety of these plug types to fit your needs.

Please note that all three of these outlets require a dedicated circuit rated for the amperage (A) of the charging station.

Plug Types

NEMA 6-50

NEMA 14-30

NEMA 14-50

Commonly used for welders or plasma cutters

Commonly used for electric dryers

Commonly used for electric ovens, dryers, RV parks or campgrounds







Plug-in HCS-40 and HCS-50 available

No HCS station available as the power level is too low

Plug-in HCS-40 and HCS-50 available


I need help deciding

If you don’t see your outlet below, you’re not sure which one you have, or you think you might need a new outlet installed, an electrician can help you determine the voltage as well as breaker capacity.

Find local electricians in the Enphase network that have good reviews, offer free quotes, and have experience with our equipment.

Safety first

Before plugging in EV charging equipment, be sure to follow recommended safety guidelines. For personal safety, the circuit breaker MUST be turned off prior to plugging in and/or unplugging 240V appliances (including charging stations).

One of the main functions of a charging station is to ensure correct grounding connections, transferring building power to the onboard charger. EVs are grounded through the charging cable and charging station.

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