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  • Can I plug the Envoy into a power strip?

  • How much power should my array produce?

  • How do I update my tariff settings?

  • What is a tariff/rate structure?

  • What is the AC Battery?

  • How can I be notified by email when there is a production issue with my system?

  • What do the LEDs on my AC Batteries mean?

  • How can I see that my AC Batteries are working?

  • How do I care for my Enphase AC Batteries?

  • How much data does the Envoy upload over the broadband connection each day?

  • How do I read the Envoy LCD?

  • How can I view my system production?

  • How can I see how much energy my system has produced over its lifetime?

  • How can I change the owner of a system?

  • Enphase Warranty - AC Battery

    Enphase Energy AC Battery Limited Warranty - United States and United States Territories