August 17, 2022

The time to electrify your home is now

Home energy solution

Australian wholesale energy prices continue to soar to the highest levels on record, up to six times higher than the long-term trend1.

As a result, the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has warned that millions of Australian households are facing extreme hikes to their power bills with no end to the current energy crisis in sight.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that fossil fuels aren’t the answer. Australia’s coal- and gas-fired power plants are ageing and struggling to keep up with increased winter energy demand. The war in Ukraine has spotlighted how vulnerable we are to disruptions in fossil fuel supply. And the Australian government has no short-term answers to the energy problem or to ease the cascade of other rising living costs.

In the wake of this “perfect storm”, regulators, government, and businesses have all proclaimed the need to deploy renewable energy as “urgent”.


Now, some good news

Just sixty seconds of sunlight holds enough energy to power Western Australia for 10 years. Let that sink in. In fact, most scientific and statistical evidence confirms that Australia is the sunniest continent on the planet2.

Our abundant sun combined with highly accessible solar technology means Australia is a world-leader in residential solar power uptake. More than 30% of all Australian homes have a rooftop solar system3.

In addition to all our cultural and natural gifts, and in defiance of dated government energy policies, Australians have a new claim to fame – we don’t let good photons go to waste. However, getting a solar system for your home is only the first step towards energy independence and lower power bills.


Future-proof your home: live all-electric

Electric living starts with a solar system, which allows your home to generate and consume your own carbon-free electricity.

A good quality solar system can pay for itself in less than five years, save you tens of thousands of dollars on your power bills over more than two decades, increase the value of your home, and have the flexibility to grow with you as your energy needs evolve.

The next step is to install a home battery so you can save your excess solar-generated electricity to use at night when electricity rates peak or when the grid goes down.

Once you’ve kitted your home out to make, use, and store its own energy, it’s time to focus on efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint – ditch your gas appliances and replace them with efficient all-electric versions.

Electric cooking, heating, and hot water, powered by the sun during the day and your home battery at night, can save you thousands of dollars a year4 and give you priceless independence from future energy uncertainties. The savings are even more significant when you add an electric vehicle to the mix.

We’re talking freedom from an unpredictable energy horizon.

We’re talking freedom from grid outages.

We’re talking saving money and saving the planet.

We’re talking never buying petrol again.

We’re talking the future of home energy, today.

It’s time to quit the fossil fuel status quo and embrace the future of home energy.


Electric homes are the future, and it’s here now

As you transition to an all-electric home, any compromise on quality and safety is the antithesis of sustainability. Choosing future-oriented solar technology and other electric appliances will give you more power, smarts, and flexibility. Plus, your investments can stand the test of time and not end up in the tip too soon.

Simply put, a smart home solar system is one that goes above and beyond simply delivering renewable energy. It takes care of itself, and you in the process. The Enphase Energy System brings solar, batteries, EV charging, and software together in one complete package so now you can make, use, save, and sell your own power—all through a smart mobile app.

In addition, our commitment to safety, quality, and futureproofing doesn’t just stop with our products – it extends to our installer partners. The Enphase Installer Network is an exclusive group of carefully selected and constantly monitored solar professionals to ensure you get the highest standards of customer service and system quality using Enphase products.

We already power more than 80,000 homes across Australia. Why not make your home an Enphase home?

The journey to all-electric living starts with you.

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