May 17, 2019

Smart Energy Conference 2021 Wrap Up

Smart Energy Conference 2021
Taking a stand for our future

Few will argue that the time to initiate serious climate action is now.

On the one hand, the environmental consequences of carbon-intensive energy production are becoming ever more apparent and ominous. On the other, the renewable energy technology that will usher in the new energy future is becoming more viable by the day.

As reported by The New Yorker in April, “solar energy will be cheaper than fossil fuels almost everywhere on the planet by the decade’s end.”

It’s a bold prediction and one at the heart of the Enphase mission to accelerate the shift to a more sustainable and equitable clean energy future, one that harnesses the abundant power of our sun.

Smart Energy Exhibition & Conference in Sydney

With the doors finally reopening for renewable energy events in Australia, Team Enphase was proud to support one of the premier solar, storage, and smart energy forums held in the country annually.

Our purpose for attending was clear: contribute broadly to help strengthen the clean energy sector down under, support solar professionals focused on delivering exceptional consumer experiences, and showcase that the future of solar technology in Australia is available today.

Installer training covering the Enlighten app, Installer Toolkit 3.0, and Enphase Installation Best Practices.


Making a statement about quality

At the event, Enphase intentionally set out to make a statement – when homeowners think about their energy needs, we want them to think about Enphase. We want to be their trusted energy partner.

Enphase microinverters may be small, but they’re a big deal.


Our goal is to provide a seamless experience for homeowners, which requires both great products and exceptional delivery partners like the solar professionals in our Enphase Installer Network (EIN). Homeowners looking for reputable solar retailer can find an EIN installer in their area here.

Team Enphase painting the town orange with Darren Sweeney director at Transparent Solar Solutions.


Setting the standard

Across the two days of the event, Team Enphase also presented in multiple conference streams on topics ranging from how solar should be connected to the grid, building an installer community committed to quality and service excellence, and on quality solar technology.

Enphase makes it easy to comply with all the new solar installation standards.

We were also privileged to share the stage with several key partners, such as Jake Warner, director at Penrith Solar Centre. He spoke about the importance of quality technology in running a sustainable solar installation business. A EIN Platinum partner, Penrith Solar only sells Enphase microinverters to ensure its customers get the most out of their solar investment.

Another EIN partner, RACV Solar, shared highlights from the incredible contributions it is making to support bushfire-affected rural communities in Victoria with renewable energy solutions. Enphase is delighted to support this initiative in 2021.

A big thank you

From the countless conversations at our booth to the near hundred installers who attended our technical training sessions. To our distribution partners and the EIN installers who joined us for a sensational after-party to celebrate our collaboration – a massive thank you. We couldn’t change the game down under and help change the world without your support.