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On any given day, the amount of energy your system produces is determined by multiple factors including its size, efficiency, and the amount of solar energy your panels receive. Since your system is powered by the sun, it’s normal to see a drop in energy production in overcast weather. Here’s more about why production drops when the sun is obscured by cloud.


Enphase IQ Batteries help keep power flowing even when the weather turns on you or the grid has a bad day. Learn how to get the most out of your IQ Battery during a grid outage.

Sometimes saved cookies can keep you from logging in to the Enphase Web App. Learn how to clear your browser cache.

  • Ensure your smart device and IQ Gateway are within roughly 3 m of each other while reconnecting.

  • If multiple attempts to reconnect fail, restart the IQ Gateway and try again.

  • Try the new reconnect process via the Enphase App if you’re struggling to connect to your IQ Gateway’s IP address.

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