Critical updates

Please review the following critical hardware, software, and commissioning updates before starting an Enphase Energy System installation.



Actualizaciones críticas

Revise por favor las siguientes actualizaciones críticas de hardware, software y puesta en marcha antes de iniciar una instalación del Enphase Energy System.



Download the newest troubleshooting guide to resolve issues with the IQ Battery 5P, IQ System Controller 3/3G, and Communications Kit 2.

Refer to the IQ System Controller 3 INT quick install guide (page 25) for details on all the applicable communication cables.

Enphase IQ Batteries help keep power flowing even when the weather turns on you or the grid has a bad day. Learn how to get the most out of your IQ Battery during a grid outage.

This brief provides further detail about supported system configurations, as well the technical information required to evaluate sites and plan the installation of Enphase Energy Systems in Australia and New Zealand. 

While installing the IQ System Controller 3 INT, use the gateway replacement feature in the Enphase Installer Portal or Enphase Installer App to move the microinverters from the existing gateway to the IQ Gateway embedded in the IQ System Controller 3 INT.

Once this is done, power down and remove the legacy gateway from the site before commissioning the system via the Enphase Installer App. This is a must to avoid conflicts between the legacy gateway and the IQ System Controller 3 INT.

To learn more about gateway replacement, refer to the tech brief.

Before turning on the IQ System Controller 3 INT:

  1. Ensure the System Shutdown Switch (SSD) is wired to the IO board terminal of the IQ System Controller 3 INT.
  2. Ensure the SSD is in the ON position until the system is commissioned via the Enphase Installer App. The switch is to be operated only after the system is fully commissioned.

     IQ SC3_1

  3. If the bottom LED inside the IQ System Controller 3 INT is glowing solid red, indicating a shutdown state, contact Enphase Support for further assistance.


For further information or clarification, refer to the IQ System Controller 3 INT quick install guide.

Data sheets, installation guides, wiring diagrams and OND files can be found in the Enphase Documentation Centre

Select Microinverters and filter by product to find the information for the IQ8 Family.

Data sheets and installation guides can be found in the Enphase Documentation Centre

Select Storage and filter by products to find the information on the IQ battery 5P and IQ System Controller 3 INT.

With the updated Enphase Installer Portal, you can send a site-access email to your customers in a few simple steps. This will help you reduce the time it takes to get your customers up, running, and enjoying their new Enphase Energy System. Learn how to resend Enphase access to a customer using the Installer Portal and the Installer App.

Download the new Solar Troubleshooting Guide to resolve common IQ Gateway and consumption monitoring issues, including power line noise detection and resolution, IQ Gateway connectivity, CT configuration, and reverse polarity.

This release is available for in-progress Enphase Energy System installations using the latest version of the Enphase Installer App and as an over-the-air update for already installed systems. Read the full release notes for more information.

Learn more about the steps to complete a software update: 

  1. Before you leave for the install site, open the Enphase Installer App and confirm you are running version 3.27.0. If not, then download the latest update from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

  2. In the Installer App settings, check to see if the IQ Gateway has already automatically downloaded version 7.03.120. If not, tap ’Download’. We recommend performing this step in the office over Wi-Fi prior to going into the field.


  3. Once you arrive on-site, connect to the IQ Gateway and tap ’Update Software (v07.03.120)’.   


Ensure proper grid profile propagation and the ability to disable power production in the IQ Gateway with two short steps:

  1. Update to the latest version of the Enphase Installer App.
  2. Update the IQ Gateway software to version 7.00.92 or later through the Enphase Installer App before provisioning the devices. Software updates can take up to 15-20 minutes.

Learn how to visually inspect a breaker prior to installation.

Reverse the polarity of the meters from the Enphase Installer Portal. This will enable you to flip the polarity remotely and ensure correct readings are observed.