How do I configure Wi-Fi for the Envoy-S Metered

There are two ways to configure the Wi-Fi connection. Follow one of these methods to connect the Envoy to the Internet and Enlighten.

Method A: Using WPS function on the router

  • Verify that there is no Ethernet cable connected to the Envoy.
  • Confirm the homeowner’s router supports WPS function. (WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup.) Have the homeowner look for a button on their router with a symbol like one of these.
  • Once the WPS button has been located, press and hold the WPS button on the wireless router for a few seconds. (Pressing the WPS button on the router activates device pairing.) Depending on the type of router, you may see a flashing light.

  • Initiate the WPS pairing on the Envoy by pressing and holding the AP Mode button for 5 seconds on the Envoy-S. The AP Mode button is right below the smart phone icon.

Important note on WPS Pairing:

If the AP Mode button is held for less than 5 seconds, AP mode will be initiated, not WPS pairing.

  • If AP mode is enabled accidentally, the Envoy will be listed as an available network on your mobile device's Wi-Fi settings and the AP Mode LED will be lit solid green.
  • To disable AP mode, touch the AP Mode button for 1 second, then release it.


Method B: Manually configure Wi-Fi connection

  • Connect to the Envoy in AP Mode using a mobile device or laptop.

  • Click on the Network tab.
  • Select the homeowner’s Wi-Fi network from the list of available networks.
  • Connect to the homeowner’s Wi-Fi network. This may require that you enter the homeowner’s network password.

Within three minutes the Envoy-S Network Communications LED lights solid green, indicating a successful connection to the Internet and to Enlighten.

View the Envoy-S Installation and User Manual for more information.


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