July 6, 2022

Case study JPS Renewable Energy

JPS banner

The experienced and professional team of JPS Renewable Energy has an impressive track record installing Enphase micro inverters throughout Kent, Sussex, Greater London, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Hampshire, in the United Kingdom. Their passion for solar panel system and electric charging point installations enables them to provide the best and most professional service for customers that only a local company can provide.

In the field with JPS Renewable Energy, the NHS headquarters

“We have been selling Enphase products since they entered the UK market in 2011 with hundreds of Enphase installations under our belt. We naturally wanted to be part of one of the first IQ 7 installations in the UK on a prestigious installation for the NHS headquarters (Kent Community Health NHS Trust). Enphase offers quality solutions coupled with all AC safety and unprecedented efficiency given the shading across these roofs. Making this an ideal solution.” says Richard Cromarty, Director at JPS Renewable Energy.

The NHS buildings have multiple pitch roofs with considerable shading. Our challenge was to maximise production without interfering with the aesthetics of the buildings. We saw the solution in the 7th generation Enphase IQ7 microinverter with the highest performance on the market with unprecedented “ALL AC” safety. The installation resulted in the highest performance production that minimizes shading with the safest “ALL AC” solution possible.

The customer was very pleased with the first results: Nearly 40 per cent more than the original prediction – almost 600kw/h in one week. Saving the equivalent Co2 as planting 11 trees, that’s the same as running a typical fridge for almost five months for free.

The ‘Go To’ Inverter

JPS highlighs that 98% of their customers agree with them and use Enphase microinverters for their PV installations. For a private residential installation in the UK for example, Enphase was the perfect fit as the customer wanted to manage multiple aspects of their roof and ensure they were maximising the yield of their system.

A big advantage for the customer is that the system can be monitored at ease and all import and export into the home can be viewed via the homeowner's phone. Also, Enphase systems have no high voltage DC power which makes it “the safest inverter system on the market” says Richard Cromarty, Director at JPS Renewable Energy.


Succesful with the help of Segen

JPS Renewable Energy works closely with the Enphase distributor Segen. Richard expressed how helpful Segen had been throughout the whole installation. “Segen see lots of their installers speak highly of the functionality of the portal and the wider assistance available from the account management team and wider technical team.”

The future is sunny as we continue to build Enphase installations.