July 6, 2022

Installer Spotlight: Ceiba Renewables


Ceiba Renewables was founded in 2008 with the purpose of making a positive contribution to the environment and society through the installation of clean energy systems. Ceiba Renewables aim for the future is to bring high quality solar power to more homes in Scotland. Since 2012 they have been installing Enphase on many residents and recently a challenging one with limited space and shading.

Limited roof space was no problem

The private residential client had limited space on their roof in comparison to their energy demands and because of this the panels were installed on four different aspects of the roof. Enphase microinverters ensured that the system could maximise the yield available across all aspects and allow the customer to reach their energy saving goals.

Happy Installer, Happy Homeowner

The Enphase microinverters have been described as “easy and quick to install compared to other solutions in the market”, also, Enphase was described to have “better quality and longevity” due to the 25-year product warranty and the excellent online monitoring platform which provided peace of mind for customers.

Exceptional assistance from Enphase

The support that was provided by Enphase was regarded as ‘exceptional’ throughout the whole installation process. The available roof space and shading were concerns for Ceiba Renewables when planning for this project, however, the Enphase team were able to assist with the system design to ensure that the above concerns could be overcome.

Working with Segen

The ordering process with Segen, an Enphase distributor, was found to be easy and straightforward. Ceiba Renewables stated that the Segen portal is easy to navigate, and that bulk pack pricing was available for the microinverters.