July 27, 2022

Installer Spotlight : GESS (Green Eco Solar Solutions)


With electricity costs constantly rising, investing in solar PV is a great opportunity. GESS (Green Eco Solar Solutions Limited) has installed up and down the country to help many homeowners produce their own energy. Their specialist commercial team has delivered some of the UK biggest and most high-profile projects, each system is custom designed to maximise returns and met client's requirement. Most systems are installed with Enphase IQ7 micro-inverters because customers choose for optimum energy production.

About Green Eco Solar Solutions (GESS)

Gess’ CEO Dominic Crowe established the company 10 years ago in June 2012, aligning the company with only the best brands and what would be considered the higher end solutions. The company align themselves with all the latest brands and new products that reach the market. “The team of technicians to back-office staff, will always put the client at the forefront of the best service possible. GESS Limited can offer different variants, from design to installation, matching both the clients' budgets and aspirations.” says Dominic Crowe. “At GESS we work hard to ensure that both the technical and communications side of our solar PV installations are as good as can be. Over the years we have completed hundreds of both domestic and commercial solutions for our clients and continue to offer the very best tailor-made solutions.“

450 Enphase IQ7 Microinverters installed on Europlaz project

A recent project GESS completed was a commercial installation for Europlaz Technologies, a leading Contract Medical Device Manufacturer based just over an hour away by train from Central London. Healthcare services are necessary for sustaining and improving human health, yet their environmental footprint is often far greater than many other sectors. As manufacturers of medical devices, Europlaz is very much aware of the impact that the manufacturing industry has on the environment. That’s why they are committed to reducing our environmental impact and looking at renewable energy.

The massive new installation on the Europlaz building generates solar energy to fulfil the energy need for the 60,000 sq ft with state-of-the-art, cleanroom medical device manufacturing facilities. '"Enphase micro-inverters were the inverter of choice. It's the best solution for optimised production, best reliability and 25 years of warranty. “says Dominic.