July 6, 2022

Now available: Environmental, Social, and Governance Report 2021


We are pleased to share our 2021 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report, where we discuss ongoing efforts to realize Enphase’s purpose of advancing a sustainable future for all. Since the publication of our inaugural ESG report in 2020, we have made strides in measuring our carbon footprint, cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace, and raising awareness of ESG issues across the business. We are committed to building on this foundation to establish long-term goals aligned with the needs of global sustainable development.

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We collectively require a fundamental shift toward a more circular and low-carbon model. Companies with adequate sustainability management systems will thrive in a resource-constrained future and will be well placed to help customers do the same. We are in the business of enabling access to intelligent, clean energy solutions for our customers in order to help reduce the world's carbon footprint. Sustainability is at the core of what we do


We are building a community where everyone feels valued and treated equally at Enphase. We encourage employee wellbeing by offering facilities and incentives. We have laid the foundation for a robust talent management program covering recruitment, career progression pathways, and global leadership development - empowering employees, both new and existing, to reach their full potential and find satisfaction in their work.


At Enphase, we take seriously our responsibility to help expand access to clean energy. We support a more clean, reliable, and better-performing grid, and we collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders to advance policy outcomes in support of clean energy across the world.


We regularly evaluate a myriad of risks associated with climate change, governance, human rights, integrity, employee satisfaction, finance, information technology, and other business processes to ensure a strong internal governance with clear communication. We participate in the development of policies and regulations around the world as part of our core governance principles.

Read our full ESG report here.